Termination Forms You Need To Fire Safely

Termination Forms

It’s important that you have the appropriate termination forms when you fire. If you don’t, you could be facing a wrongful termination suit, you could find yourself in violation of government regulations and you could be making it tougher on yourself by not following standard practices.

Here are the templates and checklists I recommend you have before starting any firing or lay off.

An employee warning form: You need this before the firing to document that you gave the employee a fair chance to improve and the employee knew his job was at risk.

A “fill-in-the-blank” employee termination letter: This makes writing the separation letter easy. And you will know you are doing everything correctly.

A separation agreement template: This is a legal boiler plate template that ensures you are complying with all the federal and state laws. You will need this in particular when you are firing an older worker,asking for a release and needing to comply with the Age Discrimination in Employment Act.

Sample exit interview questions: You should have good exit interview questions to ask the fired employee. The ex-employee will often have excellent suggestions for business improvements when you know how to ask the right questions.

Letter of recommendation template: As an employer, you are often asked for a letter of recommendation. This is easy to agree to but often we don’t have enough time to write one. With a LOR template, you can make short work of this obligation to your ex-employees.

Firing and layoff checklists: You should have separate checklists for firings and layoffs. You have to treat each differently. Different rules and regulations apply. Also, a checklist will make the firing or layoff go much more smoothly for you and the fired employee.

When you need templates and checklists, we recommend that you get a copy of the Employee Termination Guidebook. This training manual will show you how to fire and layoff correctly. It also includes the proprietary Termination Risk Estimate and Protection System. This shows you how to handle high, medium and low risk employees based on their propensity to sue you and the company. To find out more, click termination forms, templates and checklists.

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